During the month of November 2020 our colleague Carlos Huélamo win the First Prize 🏆 in the "2020 Awards - Campus of International Excellence: Bioenergy & Smart Cites" in the Master's thesis category, funded by the Universidad de Alcalá and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

The project, titled "Predictive Techniques for Scene Understanding by using Deep Learning", was developed in the RobeSafe research group (Department of Electronics, Escuela Politécnica Superior UAH) under the outstanding supervision of Prof. Luis Miguel Bergasa.

The scope of the project is to propose an accurate and Real-Time Multi-Object Tracking (MOT) software architecture in the context of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) by means of sensor fusion between LiDAR and Deep Learning based Visual Object Tracking. Additional tools involved in the project were ROS (Robot Operating System), Docker, Inc, the CARLA (CAR Learning to Act) autonomous driving simulator and our real-world autonomous electric vehicle.


To finish we leave you a phrase that Carlos cited regarding the award:
"Going together is starting, staying together is progress, working together is success"


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University of Alcalá

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