Carlos Gómez Huélamo , student of the Degree in Engineering in Electronics and Industrial Automation of the UAH, has received the Second Prize for the Final Degree Projects of the 2016-17 academic year awarded by the Official College of Industrial Technical Engineers of Madrid (COITIM).



The TFG of Carlos Gómez is entitled 'Reconstruction of maps with detection of changes from Google Street View'. The work has been directed by Professor Luis Miguel Bergasa, from the Robesafe group of the Department of Electronics at the University of Alcalá.

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The will of all to ensure that the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands is an example of sustainable, modern and quality mobility, highlights the vital importance of raising awareness and sensitizing the general population and agents involved in the Taxi sector, on quality and guarantees that this sector treasures, being able to achieve excellence in service with everyone's participation.

The essential objective is to promote and facilitate the path to the forefront of modernity and sustainability , in terms of the inclusion of new technologies and the promotion of the use of ecological vehicles, accompanied by charging points, and promoting at all times the advantages of using the taxi over other forms of transport.

The present conferences seek to promote the importance of acquiring new skills in mobility platforms, exposing strategies carried out by competent administrations, as well as alternatives and new business niches applicable to the taxi, through real cases in the national territory, demonstrating that the taxi is an indispensable sector as well as flexible, with a lot of potential and room for improvement.

With this, it is intended to positively influence professionals in the sector in their transformation in order to improve the sector's competitiveness against external agents, as well as citizens in the use of Taxi as a means of transport, adapted to their needs, cheap and effective in a pedestrian friendly and safer environment for everyone.



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 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Spain. September, 20th 2018.

The 19th International Workshop of Physical Agents (WAF) will be held at the Puerta de Toledo Campus of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid in Madrid, Spain on November 22nd-23rd, 2018. The International Workshop of Physical Agents intends to be a forum for information and experiences exchange in different areas regarding the concept of agent on physical environments, especially applied to the control and coordination of autonomous systems: robots, mobile robots, industrial processes or complex systems.



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Madrid, Spain, November 2018.

Chalmers University of Technology is a large-scale technological university with scientific depth and interdisciplinary breadth. Fundamental curiosity-driven research is as natural to them as applied research to solve concrete social challenges. Its 2,300 researchers, instructors, and doctoral students conduct research on everything from the smallest components of matter, to the biology of food systems and products, to climate problems, road safety, and distant galaxies. They work closely with industry and the public sector on all investigations. Chalmers also has a strong international feel created by exchanges and collaborations with leading universities around the world.



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