Nowadays I am working on my PhD project about NR-SfM, non rigid 3D object reconstruction and tracking with a single camera based on PTAM algorithm. The final application of this algorithm will be a lowcost single-camera driver inattention system, running live on the vehicle.

I could have a pleasant and productive stay at the begining of 2011 at Queen Mary University under the supervision of Lourdes Agapito and Marco Paladini. There, I could be introduced in the amazing world of deformable object reconstruction.

After finishing MsC and before starting my PhD, I have been working on several projects. Some examples of them are the following:

  • Cooperation in the development of a drowsiness detection system, which measures PERCLOS (PERcentage of eye's CLOSure) using computer vision algorithms, with indoor and outdoor conditions.
  • Cooperation in a stereo-camera driver innatention detection system, which culminated in my Master Thesis.
  • An automatic on board fog detection system based on computer vision.
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