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  • N. Hernández. "Smart Hierarchical WiFi Localization System for Indoors". University of Alcalá. 2014. [More]


  • F. Herranz. "Localization and Mapping based on Range Only Sensors". University of Alcalá. 2013. [More]


  • P. F. Alcantarilla. "Vision Based Localization: From Humanoid Robots to Visually Impaired People". University of Alcalá. 2011. [More]
  • I. García. "Detección de fatiga en conductores mediante fusión de sistemas ADAS". University of Alcalá. 2011. [More]
  • M. Gavilán. "Vision-based road crack detection and classification". University of Alcalá. 2011. [More] [Digital version]
  • P. Jiménez. "Face Pose Estimation with Automatic 3D Model Creation for a Driver Inattention Monitoring Application". University of Alcalá. 2011. [More]
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University of Alcalá

Av. Jesuitas s/n.

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